Forbidden Questions with Ellen Adarna

I’m liking Ellen Adarna already. Well it’s not like I don’t like her, it’s just that when I’m seeing or watching her on TV on talk shows or on her interviews particularly, she looks mataray. peace-love But on this interview on Good Times With Mo: The Podcast (GTWM), she answers Mo Twister’s questions in full honesty. I don’t think it’s not just because she drank an alcohol while on the interview or something… I don’t drink, so I really do not know… But yeah, I don’t feel any kaplastikan with her answers and she’s funny, making the show fun and so lively. Not to mention, she’s very beautiful and sexy (I mean it), another reason for the show to be lively as well.

I’ve listed here the first 3 questions, just to warm you up. Questions will start in few minutes on the video, which is posted at the very bottom of this post. So here you go:

Q1: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done with your fan?
Ellen: “Someone approached me, ‘Can I take a picture?’, I was like ‘No'”, “I want my personal space”, “I don’t like strangers grabbing me”

Geez, being a celebrity is risky, especially if you’re that hot… tumblr_inline_mo53fsoSXb1qz4rgp

Q2: Craziest/ Wildest place you had $3x? (I have to beep that word, LOL! peace-love)
Ellen: “On a pool, but it was not like a full $3x, it’s just like ‘in, out, in out’ and then nothing. Try try lang.”
Mo: “So you put your bikini to the side?”
*they’re laughing*
Ellen: “Yeah yeah that’s it”

Q3: Spit or swallow?

Whooooppss~ I have to hang you there, especially guys (if there are any guys reading this). Wacky & Weird | 1st 3 questions palang, sounds exciting noh? I don’t know why but this kind of topic or talking kinda sounds fun to me. And I’m a girl, lady, woman, whatever… Wacky & Weird |

You gotta check out the video below. I swear this is fun. aa83484c And whatever happens, please don’t hate Bianca. We ladies needs some respect too, even though ladies like this kind of talking. 8ac518fa

And there’s this question, which is really funny, about “kung sino yung sa tingin niya pinaka vain na local celebrity?”. The answer is on this link. But listen to her answer. Then click the link again. Natawa talaga ako habang tinitignan ko yan while remembering Ellen Adarna’s answer. Then nung tinignan ko ulit, tokwa, nabuang ako. Hahaha! Wacky & Weird |

Oh well anyways, panuorin niyo na:

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